Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday” introduced new query language, Axiom Query, which gives users powerful search capabilities directly in GUI, but can also be used in XML.

The motivation was to create easy to understand language, which can be used across whole midPoint and enable more powerful queries without the need of writing XML filters. We were inspired by filters present in various software and tried to find the right mix between readability and expressiveness (XML filters are currently more expressive, but less readable). In long-term we plan to extend Axiom Query to be a complete replacement of existing XML filters.

givenName = "John" and familyName = "Doe"

One of new powerful features Axiom Query brings to the user interface is search based on properties of referenced objects. Imagine you want to quickly find all developers in your organization, but you do not remember OID of the group, only the name of the group. One can do such with following query on Users view:

assignment/targetRef/@/name = "developer"

Or you can search by relation of assignment. In order to list all organization tree managers you can use following filter:

assignment/targetRef matches (relation = manager)

In order to learn more about Axiom Query, please watch our video recording of the webinar which took place on May 12th, 2021 or check the presentation slides, where you can learn how to enable Axiom Query, what filters we are providing, how to write and use basic filters and finally how to use filter in custom views.


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