Evolveum’s Journey to the TIIME Unconference: MidPoint Working Group

As a newbie eager to dive into the world of identity management, going on my first conference trip with Evolveum at the MidPoint Working Group  was an exciting experience. I am always encouraged by the exchange of ideas, the discovery of new trends, and the opportunity to meet new people. Recently, Evolveum had the honor Read more about Evolveum’s Journey to the TIIME Unconference: MidPoint Working Group[…]

Unlocking Accessibility in MidPoint Webinar Summary

Accessibility is gaining increased attention worldwide, and we appreciate the growing awareness. We’re determined not to lag behind, aiming to propel midPoint to new heights. The beauty lies in our differences, underscoring the paramount importance of inclusivity in environmental development. Starting from version 4.8, our focus has intensified on dismantling barriers within midPoint, making it Read more about Unlocking Accessibility in MidPoint Webinar Summary[…]

MidPoint with Ninja Webinar Summary

Upgrading midPoint deployment is quite complex and tedious task that requires a lot of preparation, planning and manual work. Even before the upgrade itself started. Analysis of existing configuration, data and customizations is necessary to understand the impact of the upgrade. With midPoint 4.8 we have introduced a new set of features to our tool Read more about MidPoint with Ninja Webinar Summary[…]

Statement: MidPoint Release Changes

MidPoint is an open source identity management and governance platform, that has been consistently improving for more than a decade. Each midPoint release has brought new and exciting features and improvements, setting a trend that we plan to maintain. At the same time, midPoint has become a significant software product. Since we are adding new Read more about Statement: MidPoint Release Changes[…]