Tasks In MidPoint 4.4 Webinar Summary

By the end of November we have released midPoint 4.4 “Tesla”. This release arrives with significant performance and scalability improvements, among other interesting things.

In the Tasks webinar, we talked about new activity-based conceptual model for tasks and described the simplified task definition language. Afterwards, we went on to show the improvements (mainly in the area of visibility of task execution), and the new features: auto-scaling, cluster-wide thresholds, execution reports, and bucket size analysis. Other new features were briefly mentioned as well. Finally, we talked about the migration from older midPoint versions (4.0.4 and 4.3.2). The migration was also briefly demonstrated.

You can check the presentation slides or watch the video recording of the session:

Resources mentioned in the webinar:
Task Migration

The webinar series about midPoint 4.4 continues on Feb 10th at 4PM CET (10AM EDT) with the GUI webinar on GUI customization and Feb 16th on native reports.

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