Customizing GUI Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.4 called Tesla has been released in late November. Tesla includes a lot of different improvements, mainly regarding scalability, such as the new repository implementation or tasks improvements.

During the Tesla development, we also invested time to re-design the graphical user interface. We wanted to bring better UX and more customization options. During the Customizing GUI webinar we described the changes which have been made. We also explained how the customization works, where it can be defined, and what part the merging mechanism plays.

Instead of just talking about the merging mechanism and possibilities for customizing graphical user interface, few use cases were also demonstrated. These demonstrations contained mainly customizations for “Basic” user panel, “Assignments” panel, and “Projections details” panel. We also looked together at how the details navigation menu is adapted according to the configuration.

I would like to thank all of you who attended the webinar, I hope you enjoyed it and that the new possibilities for customizing graphical user interface will help in your deployments. For those who missed the webinar, don’t worry. The slides as well as the video is now published and you can watch it whenever you find some time.

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