From Waveset to midPoint, Part 1

Back in 2000s the Sun Identity Manager was the king. It was the best IDM product pursuant to Gartner. It had a good market share. And according to my experience it was actually the only practical IDM system on the market. Sun Identity Manager is now dead. It died in 2010 when Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle. Sun IDM was renamed to Oracle Waveset and the development of the product has been immediately stopped. But Sun IDM is a tough one. Even though it was killed 6 years ago it still survives in a creepy half-life form to this day. Oracle obviously tried to migrate all the Sun IDM installations to Oracle Identity Manager. But many customers refused to migrate. We can only speculate about the reasons, although anyone that had any hands-on experience with Oracle IDM will certainly have an opinion about that. Anyway, the future was not entirely bright for those who still maintain Sun IDM installation. But now there is a new hope. […]