A way to fight your fears or Self Service implementation

This is my story. Let me share it with you. When I heard abbreviation IDM at the first time, I understood nothing (IDM administrators, please, don’t laugh very loudly at this moment 🙂 And by the way, don’t read this post at all). Even when I heard the full definition of Identity Management I got the same Read more about A way to fight your fears or Self Service implementation[…]

There is No Security without Identity Management

It isn’t. That’s how it is. Why? Take any study describing potential information security threats. What do you see among the top threats there? Take another study. What do you see there? Yes. That’s the one. It is consistently marked as one of the most serious threats in vast majority of studies published for (at least) last couple of decades. Yet it looks like nobody really knows what to do about this threat. So, who is this supervillain? He’s right under your nose. It is the insider. […]

Smart Match

In identity management there is a class of petty issues that appear and re-appear all the time. Even though these issues are easy to understand, they are tricky to completely eliminate and they often have very nasty consequences. These seemingly unimportant issues frequently result in nights spent resolving a total breakdown of IDM system. What is this devil that kills sleep and keeps engineers away from the families? It is the daemon of case insensitivity and his friends. […]

Access Certification in midPoint

Identity Management (IDM) systems usually provide quite a broad mix of features. But there is one thing that no other system can do: management of access rights. No other system comes even close, even if they often pretend to do so. Access rights, privileges, role assignments, authorities, authorizations … whatever these things are called they need to be managed. They need to be assigned to the right people in the right systems at the right time. And that is no easy task. […]

Practical organization structure in Active Directory

When we are deploying Identity Management (IDM) solution in organization, we are facing a number of questions. One of them is how to map organization structure scheme (first picture below) to target system so we can facilitate and clarify the work of administrators to manage access and privileges tied to organization structure (OS). Let me Read more about Practical organization structure in Active Directory[…]

How Precise are the Analysts?

Industry analysts produce their studies and fancy charts for decades. There is no doubt that some of them are quite influential. But have you ever wondered how are the results of these studies produced? Do the results actually reflect reality? How are the positions of individual products in the charts determined? Are the methodologies based Read more about How Precise are the Analysts?[…]