Speed up the midPoint development. Catch the “Wanted”.

Why work alone when we can all work together? Our team is introducing to you Evolveum’s Wanted! We created this place so you could also be part of something big – influencing the way midPoint will evolve. Choose the project you wish to support and vote for it. Or you could also share your ideas and suggestions with us which may be later added to Wanted. Let´s see how it works!

Several years ago, it started with a pure engineering passion. After ups and downs, hard work and effort we created a product like no other: midPoint. MidPoint means solution combining identity management and identity governance answering to both technological and business needs.

One of midPoint’s biggest advantages, the open source character, means the Evolveum team of professional developers can evolve it to provide new features with every new release. Again and again midPoint finds the solution for new circumstances.

For evolving new features, midPoint needs the cooperation of the community. At the start to contribute and then to benefit through balanced cooperation which is valuable for both sides.

Crowdfunding is a unique chance for you to influence the midPoint roadmap. At the start we have identified five projects you can support. On the “Wanted” website you can read about the projects, the current situation and the possible change brought by reaching the goal in the described area. After that you can decide which one of the projects you would like to support. After reaching the defined number of votes needed for goal achievement, we will start to work on it and continue collecting votes for the next goal.

The time to achieve the goal is defined in advance as well so you can see when it will come to reality.

You can watch the progress in the projects voting by filtering the criteria of the raised amount, the days left, the goal amount or the project publishing date.

To take part in the decisions of the community, you need to create your own account, filling in a small amount of information about you, after pushing the button “Sign Up”. After signing up you are able to top up your votes, which means that you buy votes by card or Paypal and after that decide where you will pledge.

You can pledge in two simple ways, you can contribute without any bonus or if you would like to get a special bonus for your votes, you are more than welcome to choose a reward. This reward means you can earn an exclusive bonus just for you.

At the beginning you will find five projects that you can support on “Wanted”. As the world is changing everyday, circumstances as well, we need to act and react to handle midPoint like a sustainable product which is able to answer the requirements of different organizational size and types with an aim to help them stay organized, secure and focused on their business needs. That means we will bring more impressive projects in the future. Stay focused on the Wanted!

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