Remote office

When I was a child, I wanted to become everything but programmer. As I was growing up my dream jobs were changing as well. As a little child I dreamed about being a model, later I wanted to become a teacher. During my high school times I thought I will be a lawyer. And now I am a programmer. Decision that I will be a programmer one day was not entirely mine, but let’s keep this story for later.

Although I didn’t choose the profession, I choose the employer. Evolveum is a small company with its residence in Slovakia, petite country in central Europe. It specializes in the Identity Management field, delivering its own provisioning tool called midPoint.

When I started working for Evolveum, I didn’t know what provisioning, identity management or access management is. Sometimes I was thinking if I chose right, but now I’m sure I couldn’t choose better. How can I say that? Well, what can be better than doing what you like, what makes you happy, what makes your dreams come true and earn money at the same time?

As many others, I like travelling and getting to know new people, cultures or countries. And I really like summer and hot weather. In the end of the last year I decided to try to work from remote office. I asked my bosses and they agreed. So I packed up my luggage, bought a flight ticket and spent almost 6 weeks in paradise called Playa del Carmen.

Working that way was very relaxing and I think everybody should try it from time to time to get some inspiration and change. If you ever travelled so far from your original workplace as I did, feel free to share your own experience with us.

Here’s a picture from the beach.

Remote office

Katarina Valalikova
Java Developer & Identity Engineer

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