Progress of MidPoint Survey

MidPoint survey is still in progress. We are getting some very interesting data already and we would be happy and thankful if you do not miss the chance to influence midPoint future.

We have started the survey to get insight into the thought of midPoint community. The survey is still in progress, but even the preliminary data are very interesting. Overall the responses are very positive so far. There are some questions about topics that I have considered controversial. Surprisingly, there seems to be quite a strong consensus in the community. But we are not at the end yet.

We are getting a lot of responses from academia – which is great. Higher education and research communities are very important for us. However, I would like to encourage especially the users from other segments to find the time to fill out the survey. Better diversity is likely to bring a broader perspective and it increases the chances that your opinion is reflected in midPoint roadmap.

The survey will close in a couple of weeks. Therefore please go ahead and use this opportunity to influence the future of midPoint and help us to do things even better:

We plan to close the survey at the end of November. We will summarize the final results of the survey shortly after that and share the summary with the community.

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