My recent posts about ForgeRock attracted a lot of attention. The reactions filled the spectrum almost completely. I’ve seen agreement, disagreement, peaceful and heated reactions. Some people were expressing thanks, others were obviously quite upset. Some people seem to take it as an attack on ForgeRock. This was not my goal. I didn’t want to harm ForgeRock or anyone else personally. All I wanted is to express my opinion about a software that I’m using and write down the story of our beginnings. But looking back I can understand that this kind of expression might be too radical. I haven’t though about that. I’m an engineer, not a politician. Therefore, I would like to apologize to all the people that I might have hurt. It was not intentional. I didn’t want to declare a war or anything like that. If you understood it like that, please take this note as an offer of peace.

A friend of mine gave me a very wise advice recently. What happened is history. What was done cannot be undone. So, let it be. And let’s look into the future. After all, if it haven’t been for all that history with Sun, Oracle and ForgeRock, we probably would not have the courage to start midPoint as an independent project. Therefore, I think I should be thankful for this. Do not look back, look ahead. And it looks like there are great things silently brewing under the lid …

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