Native PostgreSQL Repository Webinar Summary

By the end of November we have released MidPoint 4.4 “Tesla”. This LTS release brings major performance and scalability improvements as well as significant user experience and reporting improvements.

Talking about scalability and performance, the newly developed midPoint repository – called Native repository – is a major component that should help midPoint to scale further. An online webinar that took place on January 20, 2022 was all dedicated to this topic.

The webinar was rather technical, mostly focused on database topics and the SQL. We explained how midPoint repository differs from the persistence layer of traditional information systems, how the schema extensibility complicates it and how the repository tackles these problems. Naturally, new Native repository was compared to the old Generic one, highlighting major differences and improvements. We looked at the new schema, talked about indexing, sizing, tuning – and of course about configuring midPoint for the Native repository.

You can check the presentation slides or watch the video recording of the session:

Our webinar series about midPoint 4.4 continues on Jan 27th at 4PM CET (10AM EDT) with the Upgrade guide webinar, talking also about migration from the old repository to the new Native one. More webinars will follow in the next weeks.

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