MidPoint 4.4 Webinar Summary

By the end of November we have released MidPoint 4.4 “Tesla”. This LTS release brings major performance and scalability improvements as well as significant user experience and reporting improvements.

Our development team leader Katarina Bolemant led an online webinar on December 16, 2021 where she talked about midScale results, introduced midPoint 4.4 and went through the most significant improvements you can expect from this release. Topics of the migration and future plans for midPoint 4.5 were mentioned as well.

Have you missed the webinar or would you like to get back to it? Go through the presentation slides or watch the video recording:

In the upcoming webinars you will learn about particular midPoint 4.4 features, how to migrate to this release from previous midPoint versions or how to customize the GUI. Check our event calendar for more information.

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