MidPoint 4.8 ‘Curie’ Released!

The third LTS version of midPoint, midPoint 4.8 code-named ‘Curie’, has been released. What does it bring?

One of the focuses in midPoint 4.8 is to provide streamline upgrades. Improvements were made for reporting, object validation, and data migration. With our improved Ninja, users can better see what’s going on, where and what the problems are, and which data must be migrated. The Ninja tool continuously leads users throughout the upgrade.

One of the biggest and maybe the most interesting features midPoint 4.8 brings is role mining. In cooperation with KInIT, we looked for a way to use AI/ML algorithms to help with mining business roles based on existing assignments to application roles. At the end of role mining sessions, new business roles are suggested. Such candidate roles can then be fine-tuned by business users. We believe that, among other benefits of role mining, this will simplify the bottom-up approach for creating business roles.

MidPoint 4.8 also brings plenty of improvements regarding security. For example, our authorization model was extended to support more use cases than before, and authorizations performance was improved. A faster and more flexible elevation feature is also now available. In addition to those improvements, an OWASP dependency-check was added to our Jenkins to quickly detect any publicly disclosed vulnerabilities within used dependencies.

Another significant area we were focusing on during the development of midPoint 4.8 was the so-called First Step Methodology. For this area we mainly focused on improving user experience in midPoint. Different improvements were made, mostly related to the resource wizard to make the process of connecting new systems as simple as possible.

Last but not least, driven by a subscriber, a new feature for identity recovery was added.

Those are just some of the improvements added in midPoint 4.8. For the full list of changes, please see the release notes. If you are interested in learning more about what’s new in midPoint 4.8, watch a recording of the What’s New in MidPoint 4.8 webinar that took place on November 2nd.

Should you be curious about midPoint 4.8 in action, you can try our demo.

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