MidPoint 4.7 “Johnson”

MidPoint 4.7 has been released. It is code-named Johnson after Katherine Johnson because of its most important feature – simulations.

With simulations feature midPoint can predict results of future operations. It can provide basic what-if analysis and so reduce concerns about harming the production data. Hand in hand with simulations, object marks can be used. With this new feature, it is possible to mark objects which should not be processed automatically but need a human attention. It is possible to report such objects which can help for example in communication with HR.

Another major feature in midPoint 4.7 is regarding IGA reporting. New default report was added, answering the basic IGA question: who has access where and why. In addition to report, this functionality has been added also into the default administrative GUI for user details. You can find it under the “All accesses” panel.

MidPoint 4.7 also brings significant improvements to flexible authentication. Since 4.7 it is possible to use multiple authentication modules with different necessity levels. The functionality was extended to provide better experience and flexibility for reset password feature. For example, different password reset options can exist for different kinds of users.

There is, of course, more. Please, see the release notes to see other improvements and features in 4.7. You can also check our demo based on 4.7 or watch a recording from our What’ New in MidPoint 4.7 webinar that took place on May 04.

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