MidPoint 4.6 Webinar Summary

Last Thursday we organized a webinar dedicated to what’s new in midPoint 4.6. After the marathon of webinars related to the LTS version 4.4 we took a break after 4.5, but now we’re back with our tradition of What’s New webinars.

Version 4.6, code-named “Baumgarten”, brings a lot of improvements – and not only under the hood. There are many UI/UX improvements, namely the reworked Resource wizard and the whole Self Service section. And then there is a plethora of other improvements like new item-based correlation (AKA Smart Correlation), or even more ways how to search your objects with new Axiom filters. Not to overlook the previous 4.5 version, we also covered the features which were developed solely there and not improved upon in our latest 4.6 release.

If you missed the event, don’t worry. You can check the presentation slides or watch the video recording:

Thank you for your interest in midPoint.

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