Evolveum at EDUCAUSE 2022

For a very long time, in the forever-lasting pandemic era, we were stuck in our homes with social contact limited to seeing people’s faces in tiny squares on our screens. With almost all the restrictions lifted, we decided this is the time to go out there (if not now then when, right?) to finally meet some people in real life. Excited as we were, the Evolveum team took a plane and landed in Denver, hoping to see familiar faces and possibly make some new friends in the higher education community at the EDUCAUSE conference. And so we did! We were able to meet with our official partners Unicon and Cirrus Identity that are based in the US and active in academia.

In addition, we always want to be up to date, follow the trends and be aware of possible challenges in the IAM space and cybersecurity in general. During the conference, the Evolveum team had the opportunity to attend various sessions and obtain a better understanding of topics that academia is dealing with these days, challenges and plans for resolving them. I felt lucky to be a part of that, as we cooperate closely with this industry. Thanks to the many universities that have subscribed to our Academic Subscription, midPoint’s roadmap has been influenced and shaped by the needs of this very industry.

MidPoint’s popularity is constantly growing, and the number of universities eager to explore midPoint’s potential got even bigger through fruitful conversations we had at the conference. We were glad to meet you all and answer your questions in person!

Personally, I fell in love with the Braindate concept where you can post a topic of your choice and people interested in it have the opportunity to meet you in person and have a chat with you. Our subject “Challenges and Benefits of Identity Governance and Administration” turned out to be quite popular, and the session ended with a lively discussion. This brain date has led us to identify an emerging use case that seems to have no solution yet, and we see a possible fit for midPoint to come to the rescue. Such a revelation deserves more attention, and Slavek, our Global Identity Leader for Academia, will reveal more about in a blog post which is yet to come. Stay tuned! 🙂

Did you attend EDUCAUSE as well? How did you like the conference? Will we see you next year in Chicago?

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