Last Chance To Participate in MidPoint Scalability Survey

Last year we have started midScale project with the goal to significantly improve scalability and performance of midPoint. MidScale is about to bring substantial changes in midPoint. We would like to gather feedback of midPoint community in a midScale Plans survey. We will be closing the survey soon, therefore this is the last chance to make your voice heard.

The survey has been running for some time and we have gathered interesting feedback already. We are very close to evaluating survey results. We will be closing the survey in a week or two. Therefore, it may be a good idea to let us know about your opinion if you haven’t shared it with us already.

Please take the survey by accessing the following URL:

The survey will take approx. 15-30 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, it will not track you in any way. All questions are optional.

Your opinions expressed in the survey will determine the future of midPoint 4.4 “Tesla”, the next long-term support midPoint release.

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