FOSDEM 2015: Attending and observing

This year we finally visited famous FOSDEM, that was our destination This year we finally visited famous free conference for software developers to meet, share, collaborate and grow their communities.

Just like every year, the event was organized in Brussels and was hosted by the Université Libre.


The main motivation was to explore the conference and try tasty Belgian beers. Mission was very successful in both ways.
Cool thing about FOSDEM isthat it is an open source conference about bleeding edge technologies and mainly about spawning the communities. It is not just focused on development, but also on administration and devops. There is the right mixture of technical people from all areas. There were many dev rooms to choose from, however we were missing one – the one about Identity and Access Management.

From our observations, FOSDEM event is very suitable for Identity management too. Let’s try to open a new stream for it or at least let the existing security stream adopt us. Anyone interested in joining our movement?


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