EUFOSSA contributes to the open source story

Have you ever thought about the things you get for free? Maybe you have this feeling when visiting the doctor, possibly when looking at the trees or flowers in the park or being at an event in the city center, where you didn’t have to buy a ticket. The feeling of receiving things for free you can have by downloading the new version of your favourite application on your mobile phone as well.

The question is, which of these things above were really free? 

Seriously, none of them. 

To pay or to support

Some concepts we pay in a compulsory way by taxes, others can be organized by non-governmental organizations (NGO) supported by people who believe in the idea the NGO is presenting. 

We support things such as historical building renovations, support for starting artists or environmental solutions to improve the way we live… all because we are persuaded it matters. The support is not only moral, because nobody can pay bills from it. The financial support contributes as well. On the other hand, you get something back from your contribution (the building is renovated, the artist becomes successful etc). 

The story of the open source product is similar. You are instantly on the way to find support for your idea with the aim of bringing a complementary and synergic effect on an expert level. 

Bug bounty

On 1st of March 2019 we welcome and support the start of EUFOSSA 2, which is a bug bounty program. Ethical hacking is an atypical way of improving software, even for many customers, but very useful. The main benefit of this method is the value you get from the support which leads to a significantly better quality in development. Although people are expecting quality out of the box, no one wants to pay directly for it. It’s very expensive. Ethical hackers help to measure and improve. 

That is the reason why we appreciate the EUFOSSA approach investing to the system with values like security and organization considering it as important and useful.

To incentivize the hackers, if they find something in the midPoint software they will earn 58 000 EUR from 1st March till 15th August 2019 through the Bug bounty program.

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