COVID-19: We Are OK

COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and pretty much everybody is affected in some way. Even though the pandemic affected us, we are operating as close to normality as we can.

We were fortunate that our country was affected quite late in the pandemics and that our government was quick to respond. We started working from home in early March and the company was in full lockdown by mid-March. Our offices are empty, but that does not affect our work too much. We have paid a lot of effort to smooth out our remote working practices during last years, even though it was not always an easy thing to do. That effort is definitely paying back its rent now. Our work goes on almost as if nothing happened.

Fortunately, we are all healthy and there are no signs of the disease in our team. Just some of our colleagues are longing for personal contact and we are doing what we can to keep up the spirit. Overall, the morale is good (given the circumstances) and we are quite efficient. Last week we released MidPoint 4.1 “Pasteur” and it all went quite smoothly. We are starting to work on midPoint 4.2 now and we are preparing rough plan for midPoint development for the next year. There are going to be interesting things for all midPoint users if it all goes well.

It is perhaps no surprise that our business was impacted by the crisis and we have noticed a downturn in sales. Fortunately, last year was commercially successful for us and therefore we have sufficient financial reserves now. The reserves allow us to operate at our full capacity. Our employees have full salaries and we are not planning any lay-offs. However, even the most generous reserves are going to run out eventually. Therefore we would like to kindly ask midPoint community to support us as much as possible in these difficult times. Purchasing midPoint subscription is more important than it ever was. Income from midPoint subscriptions pays the salaries of our employees. Subscription money is the only sustainable force that makes midPoint better and keeps it well maintained. Please support us if you can. We will do our best to make it worthwhile for you.

We believe that we will see better days if we can support each other through this crisis. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay at home (if you can).

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