MidPoint Intermediate Training Teaser Webinar Summary

MidPoint is a comprehensive, feature-rich identity management and governance platform. Since the beginning, the major task of midPoint customization has been configuring midPoint behavior. This includes the preparation of schema handling, mapping, object templates, and more. If you follow our First Steps Methodology, you can manage the configuration entirely in the GUI, but there are Read more about MidPoint Intermediate Training Teaser Webinar Summary[…]

NIS2 Directive and Identity Governance

The NIS2 Directive of the European Union aims to increase level of cybersecurity in crucial sectors of industry and government. The directive introduces cybersecurity requirements that are expected to be applied consistently across the EU. The directive touches on many areas of cybersecurity, including identity governance and administration. Directive (EU) 2022/2555 of the European Parliament Read more about NIS2 Directive and Identity Governance[…]

Celebrating Women in Engineering 2024 – MidPoint Edition

The representation of women in engineering has been gradually improving over the years, although it remains a male-dominated field. In 2023, women comprised 15.7% of the engineering and tech workforce in the UK, down from 16.5% in 2022.[1] Data more specific to software engineers tells us some staggering statistics: In Europe, 19% of people in Read more about Celebrating Women in Engineering 2024 – MidPoint Edition[…]

EU Cybersecurity Landscape

The European Union is quite busy producing cybersecurity regulations. Several cybersecurity-related acts have passed during the last few years, and even more are on the way. The EU looks like it really means to improve cybersecurity. However, an avalanche of new legislation can be quite confusing. Let’s take a closer look at the EU cybersecurity initiative. […]

ISO 27001 Webinar Summary

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security. It is guidelines for cybersecurity best practices used all over the world. Identity governance and administration (IGA) plays a major part. It is quite natural that midPoint, being a leading open source IGA platform, can be an essential tool for ISO 27001 compliance. […]

Navigating Digital Identity: Key Takeaways from an Interview at EIC 2023

We bring you an engaging discussion between Martin Kuppinger, the founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, and Slávek Licehammer, our Identity Governance Strategist and Global Identity Leader for Academia, recorded at the European Identity Conference 2023! Dive into the future of digital identity as Slávek shares his insights on distributed identity, eIDs, and e-wallets, and Read more about Navigating Digital Identity: Key Takeaways from an Interview at EIC 2023[…]