Internet2 Membership and InCommon Catalysts Participation Propels Evolveum’s Engagement with Higher Education Community

As the creator and maintainer of midPoint, the leading open-source identity governance, and administration platform, Evolveum has felt close to the higher education vertical since its beginning. It’s not only midPoint’s feature set, a considerable amount of connectors, and tailor-made subscription models that meet the higher education organizations’ needs. It’s also the approach aimed at openness and transparency that makes Evolveum and midPoint the best choice for many when it comes to identity security.

Starting with its first customer from academia, Evolveum’s connections to higher education organizations grew stronger and stronger in time. Its open-source values as well as midPoint’s unique nature led to close cooperation with Internet2 and its work in providing trusted access to global resources through the InCommon Trusted Access Platform. This resulted in many beneficial activities in support of identity and access management for the higher education and research community.

BRATISLAVA, May 11, 2022 – Evolveum has joined the InCommon Catalysts Program to enable better security, access to services, and user experience through InCommon’s integrated service and software solutions for higher education institutions and research organizations. As an InCommon Catalyst, Evolveum continues to advance its close cooperation to share expertise and experience, that proved to be beneficial for higher education, research, and government entities. With their joined forces as InCommon Catalysts, the participating organizations will keep working on common goals of bringing efficient solutions to the higher education’s current and future needs in identity governance and administration, and contribute to the community perspective growth in this way.

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