Teambuilding in Košice: From Behind the Screens to the Treetops

After long months of self isolation we are lucky to enjoy less strict measures taken against coronavirus. People are carefully getting back to more or less normal life. In Košice we used this opportunity in a quite unconventional way: instead of just meeting with everyone in the office, we went on an adventure up to the treetops.

Going through different kinds of rope obstacles hanging on the trees was a challenge our team faced without any hesitation. 180 meters of such fun in 4 to 10 meters height was not only refreshing change after many days in front of computer at home, but also a chance to show team work as well as individual effort.

Patrik’s words say it all: “Teambuilding of Evolveum team on 15th of July was like meeting of a cult. Cult of good and talented people whose synergy was glowing. We decided to play in the trees like 10 little Tarzans and you can imagine how it went.”

After this little adrenaline boost everyone could relax at barbecue party which was a pleasant end of a day full of fun. Getting now back to work we wish everyone to be safe and healthy!

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