MidPoint 4.2 Milestone 1 released

Development of MidPoint 4.2 is at full speed. It will hold name Maxwell and its fist Milestone was just reached. Read more for further details describing what has been done so far and what is planned next.

What can be found in midPoint 4.2–M1?

In LTS midPoint version 4.0 we announced deprecation for SOAP-based Web Service Interface. It was just a question of time when it will be removed completely. We decided that 4.2 is the right time to do it. Therefore, since midPoint 4.2-M1 there is no more SOAP-based Web Service interface. However, it is still possible to create advanced Web Service using overlay project.

Another interesting feature for midPoint 4.2-M1 is related to report improvements. Since midPoint 4.2 Jasper reports will be deprecated and plan is to replace the functionality with native midPoint reporting engine. We started with experimental feature for interactive reports using dashboards in 4.0. Now we are improving and extending the functionality to cover more use cases and so, in the end, it will be suitable replacement for Jasper engine.

MidPoint objects do not live in isolation. Usually they are connected in some way. For example, there is a Role which is assigned to a User. User is then a member of Role. When the definition of Role changes, you want to apply these changes to the assigned User. In previous versions, this had to be done manually, but starting with midPoint 4.2-M1 it is possible to define automated process.

And what more can you expect in version 4.2?

We are working hard to bring up new data modeling language to model data and metadata for Prism. The intention of this new modeling language called Axiom is to replace currently used XML Schema language.

One of the most powerful feature brought by midPoint 4.0 are Archetypes. However, only single archetype for an object is supported now. Therefore, in midPoint 4.2 we decided to go further and support multiple archetypes for objects.

In addition, flexible authentication improvements are planned. We also plan to look closer on midPoint auditing. Some improvements for audit log viewer can be also expected. We have designed and started with improvements for user interface search widget too. The aim is to make it simpler, configurable and more comfortable to use by default.

The plan for 4.2 seems to be quite ambitious. So, stay tuned and keep your finger crossed!

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