Internet2 Launches InCommon Catalyst Program With Evolveum as One of the 8 Inaugural Catalysts

Since the creation of its open source identity management and governance platform midPoint, Evolveum has always had a strong connection to higher education. Not only midPoint’s feature and connector set appeared to be a great fit for academia needs, it is also Evolveum’s openness, vivid community and rich accessible documentation that played the role in perceiving Evolveum as a trusted and perspective guide on the higher education organizations’ identity journey.

MidPoint’s adaptable and versatile nature makes it an excellent base to build on. That is why joining forces with Internet2’ InCommon initiative of trusted access to resources and becoming part of integrated service and software solution for research and education perfectly aligns with Evolveum’s open source philosophy.

BRATISLAVA, June 8, 2021 – Internet2 is launching the InCommon Catalyst Program made to support higher education institutions, research organizations and sponsored partners. The program aims at enabling better security, access to services and user experience through InCommon’s integrated service and software solutions. Altogether with Evolveum, the program includes eight organizations that bring various areas of expertise and actively collaborate with InCommon’s higher education and research organization participants.

InCommon Catalyst Program is beneficial to more than 1,000 institutions. Thanks to the program, colleges, universities, government, research centers and other organizations across the whole U.S. are enabled to make appropriate decisions about releasing identity information and controlling access to protected online resources.

All InCommon Catalysts are Internet2 members contributing to the research and education’s identity and access management community. The members work together on solving technology challenges and developing solutions that enable the academic mission.

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