Evolveum’s Teambuilding: Out of Office, up the Hill

Finally, it happened! The day has come when we packed our things and went on a journey to meet again. Coming from various parts of Slovakia (and not only Slovakia), we’ve come together at a cozy place between High and Low Tatras – the Demänová Rezort.

Even if some people met in person for the very first time and some couldn’t come, one could feel the warm atmosphere and joy that are always present when such a great team unites. And so we went up the hills, to face other than identity challenges for once: balancing on the rocks in more than 2000 meters above sea level we set up for a 4.5 km long adventure from Chopok to Ďumbier hill to throw the Ring down Mount Doom enjoy the beautiful Slovak scenery and have a friendly talk on the way together. Setting up the pace individually, we’ve made it to the destination in smaller groups where we took a break to recharge energy and fully perceive this beautiful place.

Undergoing big challenges means deserving a big reward in a form of a dinner, nap time and common activities such as a game of chess or entertainment in a fun zone. The evening continued joyfully in the local restaurant with nice wine for the ladies and tasty beer for the gentlemen.

The very last day just before we parted again, we tried bobsledding in Žiarce and the bravest ones experienced how swinging from 10 meters feels like.

It was a beautiful, long awaited weekend full of interesting activities that we spent in a circle of not just colleagues, but also friends, or rather “Evo family”, as some of us call it. We are already looking forward to meeting together again some time in the future!

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