Evolveum Teambuilding: Connecting with Nature

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork among employees is vital for the success of any organization, especially in the dynamic landscape of the IT industry. Recognizing the significance of team cohesion, Evolveum recently organized a memorable teambuilding event in the picturesque setting of Martinske Hole, Slovakia. Away from the office environment, our team embarked on a journey of adventure, exploration, and bonding, creating lasting memories and strengthening our professional and personal connections.

We started to gather from all across Slovakia at a restaurant in Martin just in time for lunch. After a delicious meal, we assembled to conquer the first challenge, Ferrata HSZ. This thrilling via ferrata route demanded courage, agility, and tested our physical endurance as we climbed and traversed the rock faces.

We were exhausted after hours of climbing and hiking and were pleased to arrive at a beautiful cottage we were to occupy for the next couple of days. We spent the rest of the day catching up, barbecuing, sitting around a campfire, and enjoying each other’s company.

The next morning, we set our sights on Minčol (1,364m), a majestic peak standing tall in the surrounding mountain range. The hike was no easy feat, and it required determination and encouragement from everyone to reach the summit. Along the way, we supported one another, sharing stories, laughter, and a few well-deserved breaks to admire the breathtaking landscapes. This collective effort served as a powerful metaphor for the shared goals and aspirations of Evolveum, reminding us that unity and perseverance lead to great achievements. Endorphins filled our body as we finally reached the summit. We decided to stay there for a while, enjoying the views and snacks we brought with us. After a group picture, it was time to head back to the cottage, where the rest of the group awaited us with food.

In the spirit of collaboration, our team worked together to cook the mouthwatering meal, sharing culinary expertise and creative ideas. In the relaxed setting of our cottage, we enjoyed traditional Slovakian goulash and indulged in some delicious barbecue.

We ended the day with an ascent to the highest point in Martinske Hole to watch the sunset. The stunning hues of the sky acted as a backdrop for moments of reflection and gratitude. We cherished the opportunity to connect on a personal level, beyond our roles within the company.

The teambuilding experience in Martinske Hole left a lasting mark on us, both individually and collectively. Beyond the memories of the thrilling activities and breathtaking scenery, we learned valuable lessons that would positively impact our professional lives. During these couple of days, we solidified our belief in our ability to work seamlessly together while keeping a high standard of excellence in everything we do. Cooperation became a natural instinct as the team experienced the fruits of collaboration and the accomplishment of reaching summits, playing games, and making food together.

The teambuilding experience in Martinske Hole was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the team’s dynamics. By stepping away from the typical office routine and immersing ourselves in an adventure-filled environment, we created memories that we will share for years to come.

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