Securing MidPoint 4.8: A Collaborative Effort

In a collaborative effort to bolster the security of midPoint, a grant provided by the NGI Zero Review program enabled us to cooperate with Radically Open Security, who performed an extensive security penetration testing exercise. This initiative underscores our commitment to fortifying midPoint against potential threats. Their expertise revealed a number of security weaknesses, each Read more about Securing MidPoint 4.8: A Collaborative Effort[…]

An Interview with Igor Farinic on Driving Open-Source Innovation

Recently, our Co-Founder and CEO Igor Farinic, engaged in an interview with Luka Dragovic from WebsitePlanet. Covering diverse array of topics, the interview touched upon the importance of the midPoint community, midPoint’s security and scalability, and Evolveum as a whole. Take a deeper dive into these insights by visiting the site.