Identity Management and Governance in Higher Education

Addressing Frequent Questions Facing CIOs

At Evolveum, we understand that Identity Governance and Administration in the Higher Education field is complex and unique to each institution. midPoint, our open-source identity management and governance platform, was designed with these complexities in mind. We are proud that CIOs worldwide rely on our platform and services.

MidPoint was designed to provide automation and security. We help protect over 10 million identities globally. The platform is configurable to enable organizations to create and manage user information, add new business rules, and seamlessly synchronize it with services and other repositories, ensuring identity data is always up-to-date.

CIOs of higher education institutions often have these key areas of concern:

  • Is the system compatible with the diverse array of systems our school uses?
  • Is the organization committed to long-term commitment support, maintenance, and product development?
  • Is the organization financially stable?
  • How can we economically justify the solution?

Download the PDF below, written specifically for CIOs in higher education, with direct input from executives using midPoint, for a comprehensive assessment of how Evolveum and midPoint address these four common areas of concern.

A Focus on the CIO

Addressing Frequent Questions Facing CIOs:

  • Compatibility with other Academic IT Systems
  • Higher Education Service Support
  • Vendor Fiscal Stability
  • Economic Justification

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