15th June 2015

Do You Want to Participate in an Open-Source IAM Project?

Evolveum projects are strongly focused on the community. We encourage and support all kinds of participation.

Financial Participation

You like our products and want to help, but you are not a developer? We also appreciate financial contributions. These can be simple donations or midPoint subscriptions. But we also frequently offer the possibility to “buy” or “sponsor” a particular product feature. All you need is your credit card. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide more information about financial participation possibilities.

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Development Participation

The development of all Evolveum products is governed by open source principles. Source code is available on GitHub. We appreciate any source code ideas and contributions: new features, bugfixes, product localizations, new connectors, agents or any other kind of contributions. Feedback and ideas can be discussed using our mailing lists.

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How to Participate

There are many ways how to participate:

  • Fork midPoint source code on GitHub. Develop new feature, fix a bug or add a translation in your copy of the source code. Then create a pull request. This is the easiest way how to contribute to the midPoint source code.
  • Share your feedback or idea on the mailing lists. This is the place where the community communicates.
  • Have you found a bug? Create a bug report.
  • Do you want to contribute to the documentation? Contact us and request write access to our wiki.

Access to Evolveum bug tracking system and wiki requires an Evolveum account. The registration is open to everybody and the access is provided at no cost. It does not require a subscription.

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