25th August 2017

How to become a partner

Evolveum partners’ network helps to provide the customers with quality services all around the world. Our partners have an opportunity to deploy, integrate, customize or run midPoint for our clients on a particular market. They become trusted advisors in common issues with the aim to meet clients’ identity management and identity governance needs. The following timeline shows how an organization becomes our partner.

An organization interested in partnership contacts Evolveum. Evolveum provides a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which is signed by the organization. At this point, Evolveum and the organization settle a partnership agreement, which will be a framework of the future cooperation. Evolveum makes sure all important information such as information about partnership, products, services and quotation is transferred to the organization. This is usually done by means of presentations with a space for possible questions. The organization now begins the journey of entry level partnership. Evolveum analyzes organization’s behaviour such as marketing activities, midPoint’s presentation or sucessful business cases and evaluates it. In case of positive evaluation, the organization proceeds from entry level partnership to level of a regular partner. Later on, the organization can become even silver or gold partner and enjoy various advantages each partnership type brings.

Benefits of a partnership

We try to create a fair environment for our partners and also motivate them to provide high quality services all around the world. The partnership with Evolveum therefore brings numerous benefits. The higher type of partnership an organization obtains, the more benefits it can enjoy. Such benefits include:

  • Premium support care
  • No licence fees and no vendor lock-in
  • Keeping partners up to date by means of mailing list
  • Know-how and advices from Evolveum
  • Redirection of clients from Evolveum to its partners
  • Support fees fairly shared between partners and Evolveum
  • Discounts on specific services
  • Attractive financial benefits

We are waiting for you to join us!

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