25th August 2017

Partnership With Evolveum

With midPoint’s global recognition growing, Evolveum has created a worldwide selection of partners to be closer to the customers and satisfy their expectations on the midPoint journey.

Evolveum’s official partners are well-aware of the local market, customers’ expectations, business and negotiation approaches and many other aspects that help them to be the best match for the customer. With business founded on solution focus, consultancies, project deliveries, solution maintenance, SLA’s fulfilments and similar are the activities our partners are devoted to.

The partnership is based on joining strengths of 2 organizations and delivering expert solution for particular customer together. While Evolveum is dedicated to product, the partner is focused on solution built with midPoint. That is how we build efficient vendor-integrator partnership.

How to Become a Partner

An organization is interested in becoming a partner and contacts Evolveum directly. Introductory meeting is scheduled with the aim of getting to know each other and to understand the vision of both sides. After agreement to proceed further, Evolveum provides non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so both parties share confidential business information fearlessly. Following that, partnership presentations are presented via online meeting covering information about partnership, product, services and quotation. As building strong base for our common future is our priority, there is space for open discussion with questions. Once potential partner makes the final decision, we share Partnership Agreement (PA) to fulfil the subject of discussions with them. The result of the process finalization is partner getting entry level status.

We want our partners to build their midPoint strength and have serious active communication and approach towards Evolveum. For those evolving partners motivation is assured by distinguishing between partnership levels such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum bringing various benefits. For getting attractive rewards, hard work and active cooperation with Evolveum is the way.

Benefits of a partnership

Making the customers happy and satisfied, we have to be on the same page during the game with our official partners. As we value all of our mates, trustful cooperation with us brings them various benefits and the most active players get extra prize. Boost our game with:

  • No licence fees and no vendor lock-in
  • Access to partner portal
  • Mutual promotion
  • Redirection of prospects from Evolveum to its partners
  • General marketing materials
  • Partner news distribution
  • Availability of partner support
  • Shared support fees
  • Discounts on services
  • Package of consultancies

Have a brief look at midPoint and the key partner benefits in of our one pager!

We are waiting for you to join us!

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