25th August 2018

MidPoint for Education

Educational organizations need advanced innovative solutions to offer their students the best quality of services. Unifying with others, the cooperation and idea sharing is the best way how to reach such goal. That’s why educational organizations reach out for open source solutions. Nowadays Evolveum’s open source identity management & organization management and governance platform midPoint is used by educational institutions all around the world. Following are the key midPoint features improving the organizations’ processes:

Multiple affiliations managed seamlessly

Enhance your prestige and ranking by attracting leading scholars by means of multiple affiliations. Facilitate research collaborations and knowledge exchange giving the individual scientists an access to additional research resources or networks. Form stronger ties between researchers and you. Maintain valuable links with alumni. No more tiring and never ending excel tables! Let midPoint do the hard work for you. MidPoint is ready to help you with managing multiple affiliations super easily and seamlessly.

Scalable automation sustainability

As any other, educational organizations go through changes in time. MidPoint scales with the organizations, going from small deployments to identities numbered in millions. Even midPoint’s configuration is scalable itself, as the deployment has thousands of role definitions or organizational units, tens of resource definitions and a number of templates and policies. With the organization growing, automation becomes a necessity. Using midPoint, the manual processes causing frustrations and delays will be history.

Effeciency in the first place

Using plenty of systems instead of few applications covering it all is definitely inefficient. MidPoint is designed effectively as a compliant solution that deals with both identity management and governance.

Facilitate the processes between the development and the IT team using midPoint’s DevOps, the pre-integrated configurations ready to be implemented to the organization’s environment. Unify with other universities for the possibility to scale and fully enjoy the efficient approach this possibility brings.

Join the open source community

As an open source solution, midPoint has a vibrant community where organizations share their knowledge and know-how openly and reuse the ideas instead of reinventing the wheel again. This is a wonderful opportunity for all educational organizations to cooperate, get the inspiration and become part of the innovative process. Let’s join our forces and build better tomorrow together!

For those interested in our professional services, Evolveum chooses open, supportive approach towards the organizations using midPoint. With active subscription, there is always someone for you to respond. Evolveum also created a partner network by means of which we get closer to the organizations, understanding their needs and market better.

You may find interesting…

Evolveum created wiki with open documentation and other useful information that is updated on regular basis. Feel free to stroll around. Some other information including tutorials is available at Evolveum’s blog. For open discussions and community help, please visit Evolveum’s mailing list, where you will find general and development discussions.

As an open source project we created a book about practical identity management with midPoint. You will learn not only how to deploy a practical IDM solution, but also why to do it in the first place. The book will explain not just the features and configuration options. It will also describe the motivation and the underlying principles. If you like the book, please consider contributions and donations for supporting us writing its other chapters.

We would like to bring to your attention InCommon and Trusted Access Platform, where you can find useful information also about midPoint and collaboration spaces to support the activities of Internet2 projects and working groups.

Interested in midPoint?

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