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  • Logic and data

  • Business

  • Stability

  • Influence

  • Independence

Full remote

with two offices in Bratislava and Košice

Up to 30

tech and non-tech employees

Since 2011

on the market, operating worldwide


Logic and data

We are curious and look for opportunities to expand our knowledge. We enjoy problem solving while digging deep to discover the essence of the matter. We make our decisions based on data and communicate rationally to keep our focus on the high quality and functionality of our product.

company oriented


We think as entrepreneurs and strive for Evolveum to be successful. We constantly work on improving our business acumen in order to ensure that our everyday decisions contribute to the business development of our company.

feet on the ground


We focus on meaningful business decisions to continue building a stable and profitable company. Having sustainability as one of our major goals, we create an environment in which our employees can fully devote themselves to their work without uncertainty.

making impact


We are ambitious, result-oriented, and driven to succeed. We value efficiency and accomplishments, which is why we minimize pointless discussions and meetings. We believe that our job provides us with the opportunity to make an impact and influence our company’s future.



We value autonomy, independence, and taking personal responsibility. We cooperate with each other, and our conversations are pragmatic and on point. We are not concerned with social approval when making decisions, and we are focused on delivering results rather than talking about them.

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