27th August 2015

Professional services: more benefits for you

Enjoy benefits from our practical Open Identity & Organization Management and Governance platform even more! Pick what you need from our large range of professional services. Our professional team is ready to assist you in following fields:

Proof of concept

Are you evaluating IDM solutions? Use POC as core use cases, feasability and verification that the concept has practical potential to make your decision.

Architecture review

Architecture of the solution is the key component which supports business goals and objectives of an organization. We provide review of a solution built on midPoint to identify gaps and areas which need to be addressed.


When experiencing problems with installation, assistance can be handy!


All individual specifications will by answered in this midPoint customization service.

Project documentation

A precise documentation fitting your specific project. We will prepare guides and project documentation to your highest satisfaction!


Analysis, design, testing, integration, etc.

Are you interested in our profesional services? Don’t lose any more time and get in touch with us!

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