1st August 2018


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Innovery is an independent Privately-Owned Joint Stock Company established in 2001 in Italy, settled today as a multi-division organization spread in additional locations around the world. Systems Integration is a full service of the company that provides expertise in ICT infrastructures and consultancy. It offers complete and customized solutions to meet the generic and specific needs of the customers, and includes design, installation and post sales services.

Managed by a professional and highly experienced team, Innovery focuses on the market of public administration, finance, industry, utility, energy, retail and telecommunication. It operates through a strong and diversified customer base, built on a strong reputation for quality and innovation. Its mission, vision and goal are entirely focused on a successful long-term partnership with customers, providing state-of-the-art of technologies, support, services, systems and products meeting the demands of the future. Innovery staff works hard to build long-term relationships: customers engaged during our first-year business (2001) are still our customers.