16th September 2016

Migrate to next generation IGA platform

Advanced Identity Management

Identity Management (IDM) is essential technology to maintain security of almost every organization. First generation of identity management products appeared in early 2000s. Some of these products were quite useful and they were quickly adopted – such as Sun Identity Manager that was a long-time leader. It was deployed in many organizations and it provided essential services to keep these organizations efficient and secure. However, Sun Identity Manager (a.k.a. Oracle Waveset) has died several years ago. And there was no good replacement. Therefore too many organizations just held fast to their Sun IDM installation and hoped for a better future. But the waiting is over.

Make a Big Step Forward

Now it is time to make a step forward. Now there is a feasible replacement for Sun Identity Manager. Its name is Evolveum midPoint. MidPoint is a second-generation IDM system built from scratch. It is fresh and modern next-gen system. It learns from the mistakes of the first generation of IDM systems and it offers a cost-efficient and practical IDM solution. And now there is a clear migration path from Sun Identity Manager to midPoint.

On a Safe Path

There is one particular trouble with migrations: they tend to be risky. Things may easily break during a migration and there is usually no easy way back. But now we have a method how to migrate the systems in a series of small controlled steps. The risk in each step is inherently limited. And even if something goes wrong each step can be rolled-back if necessary. There are two crucial features that enable this approach: midPoint’s unprecedented synchronization capability and one very special connector. There is a midPoint connector that allows to seamlessly synchronize data with Sun IDM. And midPoint will make sure that the synchronization will work well – even for a long time. Therefore Sun IDM and midPoint can work simultaneously for months or even years: any time needed for a risk-free migration to take place.

To the Future

MidPoint is more than just a worthy replacement for Sun IDM. MidPoint is the future of identity management. MidPoint is a unique system that seamlessly combines the features of IDM system, organizational management and identity governance. All these features are conveniently present in a single system. This is no big ball of partial products acquired in a series of acquisitions and stuck together by hot glue. No. MidPoint has a clean architecture from day one. It has everything that a practical IDM solution needs. The governance features are part of the basic platform. And they are constantly improving.

If you migrate from Sun IDM to midPoint you get rid of an old skeleton in your closet. But you will get much more that just that. You will get an efficient state-of-the-art solution with a great perspective for the future. Do you wish to ask some questions about the migration? Or do you need our assistance? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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