25th August 2018

MidPoint for Financial

Banks, insurance companies, advisors and exchanges need frictionless and secure environment involving efficient processes compliant with demanding regulations. Such requirements may be fulfilled only by advanced comprehensive solutions with audit and automation on a high level. MidPoint, the open source identity management, organization management and governance platform will provide your organization a high quality approach to your needs.

Information security as the highest priority

Nowadays, certainly more than any time before, financial services depend on strong security mechanisms. Dealing with authentication, authorization, logging, role management and governance of directly related objects, MidPoint goes far beyond information security. Moreover, MidPoint also deals with insider threat which is as severe as the outsider one. With midPoint it is possible to immediately disable all access to a suspicious user during a security incident, add and remove privileges of users during reorganization and even record them. The quality of data security as well as keeping up with the needs of the organizations or latest trends is assured by regular releases, seamless upgradability of the solution and its stability.

Data protection compliance

Complying with already enforcable data protection regulation (GDPR) requires reliable tools and systems. Identity management and governance solutions play a crucial role in proper governance of identity data. MidPoint maps the processes, cleans up the data, implements proper data processing management and even sets up the policies, making the work feasible and efficient. This way MidPoint smoothly copes with the implementation of data protection methods, boosting the data protection significantly.

Automation and audit

A complete identity management and governance solution includes an auditing feature. An advanced solution has it automated. MidPoint stores every operation including internal configuration changes in the audit trail, which can later by used by security officers or specialized analytic engines. Even the role catalogs are audited with midPoint. Performing audit manually definitely wouldn’t avoid mistakes. That’s why midPoint is improved with automated processes, reinforcing the information security and auditability.

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