Job description

Job description

We are looking for enthusiastic developer who want to participate on development of open source product. Yes, that’s right. We will pay you to develop an open source product. Professionally, full time.

We are cooperating with a team that develops OpenProject, an open source bug tracking software. OpenProject is based on Ruby on Rails and Angular. We are using OpenProject to deliver our support services for midPoint, another unique open source product. We need to extend OpenProject, to implement new features and to customize it to suit our needs. All the code will be contributed back to the OpenProject upstream.

As we are developing an open source product ourselves, our company is completely tuned to the open source development. We are quite unorthodox when it comes to our use of technology and development techniques, therefore we are looking for new colleagues that are willing to learn a lot of new things.

We prefer a full-time employment contract. However, freelance cooperation is also possible in this case. In case of a freelancer, we are looking for a long-term cooperation (at least 1-2 years). We do not have any interest in short-term services.

Education requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (and higher)
  • IT specialization
  • English skills on B2 level or higher

Personality requirements

Have will to travel, learn about new technologies, be responsible, be flexible and independent. At the end of everything applicant must be a team player with communicative skills.

  • Ruby/TypeScript development (advanced)
  • Experience with Ruby-on-Rails and Angular
  • Willing to travel and self-development
  • Responsibility, flexibility and independency
  • Innovative approach
  • Communicative and team player


You will be a part of compact and efficient development team that is used to work remotely. Annoying things such as bureaucracy or meetings are minimized. Exciting things such as design and development are maximized. You can work from anywhere and any time of day, as long as you can maintain a healthy communication with the rest of the team. The work will not be easy, but you will work with experience colleagues that can help you to face the challenges. We travel to conferences, quite often as speakers. We work hard, but there is also some time for play and experiments. Members of our team have considerable freedom in their work. We are quite friendly, sometimes having some fun (and beer) after the work.

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