Job description

Job description

At Evolveum, the main mission is the development and maintenance of its world-wide recognized product called midPoint. It helps with user management, to keep data consistency, security and eliminate people-factor mistakes in small as well as international organizations with thousands up to millions of employees including subcontractors, customers and another 3rd parties all around the world.

Given that the product is open-source, the mission and vision of the organization is specific as well as its culture. Aligning this aspect, we are looking for open-minded joiner with drive, flexibility who is willing to explore new paths.

As a sales team member, you’ll be in active communication with potential and existing customers, explaining them how and what services they should leverage to get Evolveum techies on the board.
World-wide recognition brings challenges on the level of local market which our partners help us to solve. Being closer to customers and knowledge of local market is key to be successful. For our partners we provide business support within which we help them with quotation for Evolveum support activities, provide recommendations how to answer some non-technical questions, argumentation and much more.

There’s a minimum of strict processes, and creativity is maximized. The position craves for ability to gather suitable data and piece it together, reading with understanding and based on the evaluation make independent decisions. Autonomy and holistic approach is must on daily basis.

Main responsibilities

Our leads enter the sales funnel on their own. No market research and cold calls are needed on the position. They are able to explore and evaluate the product by themselves, so no technical meetings and discussions take place.

After first contact, quick identification of selling possibilities helps effectively focus on priorities. On daily basis you will be in touch with existing customers, potential customers and our official partners. You will guide them through the services, options, individual service limitations and creatively solve negotiation issues for satisfaction of both.

Receiving order and issuing the invoice is not the end. You will be single point of contact for all possible non-technical issues and customer’s comfort is your responsibility.

Last but not least, gathering data for evaluation of perspective in the future and innovations is key for surviving. Following this, adding proper data in CRM and its maintenance on daily basis is a must.


This is not traditional opening looking for experience. Here, you can start your new career with us. Either you are junior or senior, we are looking for the right personality with drive. What you need to be successful is knowledge how to gather information, select important information, based on it puzzle out problem and make decision, and good memory.

The position brings stressful situations you will have to solve. Precise guidance does not exist, so speck of talent and ability “how to get out of trouble” with winning the situation is good mixture on the journey.

We will not manage you, we will be there to lead you and dare you. No one is expecting you to be perfect, there will be mistakes but this job is an expedition, and we will provide support if necessary.

As a team player, you should know we work with high efficiency and transparency.

General mainstream and consumer market approaches do not work for us, or are against our mindset. So looking for ways out of the box, how to get beyond the standards is a need.

Graduation from a university is expected, informatics area is a plus. English skills should be at least on B2 level or higher.
Working for organization with leading open source product in identity management domain used around the world requires skilled and positive communication with can do and result-oriented attitude, fast-learning and self-organization.


You will be part of efficient teams where each colleague has their own tasks but still have time to help with your challenges. Annoying things such as bureaucracy or meetings are minimized. Exciting things such as creation from scratch and freedom are maximized. In addition we have program for self-improvement (soft skills as well as hard skills) in place. The work will not be easy, but you will be part of an expert team that can help you to face the challenges. In case of interest we travel to conferences, quite often as speakers. We work hard, but there is also some time for play and experiments. Members of our team have considerable freedom in their work. We are quite friendly, sometimes having some fun (and beer) after the work.

Go ahead and join us – if you are up to the challenge and be out of comfort zone every day.

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