Baptist School of Health Professions

Up until now, all of our “Identity Management” has been a timely manual process. I came across MidPoint so I decided to take it for a spin and after a few weeks of getting familiar with the system and seeing what it could do and what we could do with it, I had knew this was the right solution for us.

It is amazing to watch and see how easy it is to push new users/groups/entitlements and their attributes into various systems with just a few changes and clicks.

I am not a java developer and I know I asked many questions through the mailing list and everyone was very helpful and responsive so THANK YOU Evolveum for creating a wonderful product and a special thanks to Radovan, Pavol, Ivan, Katarina and the rest of the team that helped us get this far!

Jason A. Everling
Sr. Network Analyst
Baptist School of Health Professions

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