14th March 2019



We are an international company with more than 35 years of experience in Logistic Solutions.  More than 2000 people work daily to attend the specific needs of our customers, who choose us among a worldwide net of subsidiaries.

We offer logistic solutions to companies, with e-commerce, general logistics and life science’s needs.

The key to our strength, experience and continued growth is and has always been the development of mutual beneficial relationships with our customers under the concept of “TAILOR MADE”, providing services to the specific needs of each of them, turning its relationships into strategic alliances.

We account for a wide structure and worldwide net of services, with owned presence in 11 countries (USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia) and a net of official agents located around the world, which turns us into a worldwide experienced and integrated Logistics Company. In Argentina, we account for 42 branch offices, touching more than 5000 points daily throughout the country.

We are OCASA; that´s why we continue moving forward, developing new businesses and looking for new challenges.