Class LensElementContext<O extends ObjectType>

    • Field Detail

      • oid

        protected String oid
        OID of object represented by this context. Beware, it can change during the operation e.g. when handling ObjectNotFound exceptions (or on many other occasions).
      • objectOld

        protected PrismObject<O extends ObjectType> objectOld
        "Old" state of the object i.e. the one that was present when the clockwork started. It can be present on the beginning or filled-in during projector execution by the context loaded. It is used as an "old state" for resource object mappings (in constructions or resources), persona mappings, notifications, policy rules, and so on.
      • objectNew

        protected PrismObject<O extends ObjectType> objectNew
        Expected state of the object after application of currentDelta i.e. item deltas computed during current projection. This state is computed using the recompute() method.
      • primaryDelta

        protected ObjectDelta<O extends ObjectType> primaryDelta
        Primary delta i.e. one that the caller specified that has to be executed. Sometimes it is also cleared e.g. in ConsolidationProcessor. TODO is this ok?
      • secondaryDelta

        protected ObjectDelta<O extends ObjectType> secondaryDelta
        Secondary delta for current projection/execution wave. For focus, it is archived and cleared after execution.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LensElementContext

        public LensElementContext​(@NotNull
                                  @NotNull Class<O> objectTypeClass,
                                  @NotNull LensContext<? extends ObjectType> lensContext)