Class Projector

  • @Component
    public class Projector
    extends Object
    Projector recomputes the context. It takes the context with a few basic data as input. It uses all the policies and mappings to derive all the other data. E.g. a context with only a user (primary) delta. It applies user template, outbound mappings and the inbound mappings and then inbound and outbound mappings of other accounts and so on until all the data are computed. The output is the original context with all the computed delta. Primary deltas are in the input, secondary deltas are computed in projector. Projector "projects" primary deltas to the secondary deltas of user and accounts. Projector does NOT execute the deltas. It only recomputes the context. It may read a lot of objects (user, accounts, policies). But it does not change any of them.
    Radovan Semancik