Interface ModelElementContext<O extends ObjectType>

    • Method Detail

      • getObjectTypeClass

        Class<O> getObjectTypeClass()
      • setObjectOld

        void setObjectOld​(PrismObject<O> objectOld)
      • setObjectNew

        void setObjectNew​(PrismObject<O> objectNew)
      • setPrimaryDelta

        void setPrimaryDelta​(ObjectDelta<O> primaryDelta)
      • setSecondaryDelta

        void setSecondaryDelta​(ObjectDelta<O> secondaryDelta)
      • getPolicyRules

        @NotNull Collection<EvaluatedPolicyRule> getPolicyRules()
        Returns all policy rules that apply to this object - even those that were not triggered. The policy rules are compiled from all the applicable sources (target, meta-roles, etc.)
      • isOfType

        boolean isOfType​(Class<?> aClass)
      • getSynchronizationIntent

        SynchronizationIntent getSynchronizationIntent()
        Initial intent regarding the account. It indicated what the initiator of the operation WANTS TO DO with the context. If set to null then the decision is left to "the engine". Null is also a typical value when the context is created. It may be pre-set under some circumstances, e.g. if an account is being unlinked.
      • isAdd

        boolean isAdd()
      • isDelete

        boolean isDelete()