Interface ModelProjectionContext

    • Method Detail

      • getSyncDelta

        ObjectDelta<ShadowType> getSyncDelta()
        Returns synchronization delta. Synchronization delta describes changes that have recently happened. MidPoint reacts to these changes by "pulling them in" (e.g. using them in inbound mappings).
      • getSynchronizationPolicyDecision

        SynchronizationPolicyDecision getSynchronizationPolicyDecision()
        Decision regarding the account. It describes the overall situation of the account e.g. whether account is added, is to be deleted, unliked, etc. If set to null no decision was made yet. Null is also a typical value when the context is created.
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      • isFullShadow

        boolean isFullShadow()
      • isExists

        boolean isExists()
      • isTombstone

        boolean isTombstone()