Interface RunningTask

    • Method Detail

      • canRun

        boolean canRun()
        Returns true if the task can run (was not interrupted). Will return false e.g. if shutdown was signaled. BEWARE: this flag is present only on the instance of the task that is being "executed", i.e. passed to task execution routine and task handler(s).
        true if the task can run
      • createSubtask

        @NotNull RunningLightweightTask createSubtask​(@NotNull
                                                      @NotNull LightweightTaskHandler handler)
        Creates a transient subtask, ready to execute a given LightweightTaskHandler. Owner is inherited from parent task to subtask.
      • deleteLightweightAsynchronousSubtasks

        void deleteLightweightAsynchronousSubtasks()
        Precondition: there are no runnable nor running LATs
      • getAndIncrementObjectsSeen

        int getAndIncrementObjectsSeen()
      • startDynamicProfilingIfNeeded

        void startDynamicProfilingIfNeeded​(RunningTask coordinatorTask,
                                           int objectsSeen)
        Must be called from the thread that executes the task. EXPERIMENTAL; consider moving to AbstractSearchIterativeResultHandler
      • stopDynamicProfiling

        void stopDynamicProfiling()
        Must be called from the thread that executes the task.
      • requestTracingIfNeeded

        boolean requestTracingIfNeeded​(RunningTask coordinatorTask,
                                       int objectsSeen,
                                       TracingRootType defaultTracingRoot)
      • stopTracing

        void stopTracing()
      • getRootTaskOid

        @NotNull String getRootTaskOid()