Interface FilterGizmo<F>

  • Type Parameters:
    F - SearchFilter or other filter-like things (e.g. RoleSelectionSpecification)
    All Known Implementing Classes:

    public interface FilterGizmo<F>
    Gizmo (device,gadget,thing) that handles search filters and other filter-like things during security processing of search filters. Normal authorization evaluation will work directly with search filters. But there are other cases when we want to work with something else. For example, we may want to divide search filters based on relation, e.g. for the purposes of evaluating assignable roles. We may also want to divide the filters according to other criteria. Those "gizmos" can be used to do that. The gizmo could also be used to annotate the resulting filter. E.g. we might be able to put name of the authorization into each filter for diagnostic purposes.
    • Method Detail

      • and

        F and​(F a,
              F b)
      • or

        F or​(F a,
             F b)
      • not

        F not​(F subfilter)
      • createDenyAll

        F createDenyAll()
      • isAll

        boolean isAll​(F filter)
      • isNone

        boolean isNone​(F filter)
      • simplify

        F simplify​(F filter)
      • debugDumpFilter

        String debugDumpFilter​(F filter,
                               int indent)