Interface SynchronizationEvent

    • Method Detail

      • getChangeDescription

        ResourceObjectShadowChangeDescription getChangeDescription()
        BEWARE! Can be null for erroneous changes that failed in such a crude way that no repo shadow was created.
      • getSequentialNumber

        int getSequentialNumber()
        Sequential number of this event.
      • getCorrelationValue

        Object getCorrelationValue()
        Value against which the events are to be ordered: events A and B having A.sequentialNumber less than B.sequentialNumber must be processed in that order if their correlation value is the same. (Which means that they refer to the same resource object.)
      • isComplete

        boolean isComplete()
        Is the event ready to be processed? TODO
      • isNotApplicable

        boolean isNotApplicable()
        Is the event "empty", and therefore should be skipped? This means no error has occurred, but simply there is nothing to do. Like a deletion of already-deleted account.
      • isError

        boolean isError()
      • getErrorMessage

        String getErrorMessage()
      • getShadowOid

        String getShadowOid()