Interface AuditService

  • public interface AuditService
    • Method Detail

      • cleanupAudit

        void cleanupAudit​(CleanupPolicyType policy,
                          OperationResult parentResult)
        Clean up audit records that are older than specified.
        policy - Records will be deleted base on this policy.
      • reindexEntry

        void reindexEntry​(AuditEventRecord record)
        Reindex audit record - currently does nothing. Previously it effectively created missing changed items detail entities, which is less and less useful nowadays. TODO: In the future we may consider reindexing of new columns, but the functionality is currently not fully specified.
      • supportsRetrieval

        boolean supportsRetrieval()
        Returns true if retrieval of objects from the audit trail is supported. This applies to listRecords, countObjects, reconstructObject and similar operations.
      • applyAuditConfiguration

        default void applyAuditConfiguration​(SystemConfigurationAuditType configuration)
        Called when audit configuration is established or changed.
      • countObjects

        int countObjects​(@Nullable
                         @Nullable ObjectQuery query,
                         @Nullable Collection<SelectorOptions<GetOperationOptions>> options,
                         @NotNull OperationResult parentResult)
        Returns the number of audit events that match the specified query. If query is null or no filter in query is specified, count of all audit events is returned. Ignores any paging and ordering from the query.
        query - search query
        parentResult - parent operation result (in/out)
        count of audit events of specified type that match the search criteria