Class AuditEventRecord

    • Constructor Detail

      • AuditEventRecord

        public AuditEventRecord()
      • AuditEventRecord

        public AuditEventRecord​(AuditEventType eventType)
    • Method Detail

      • getTimestamp

        public Long getTimestamp()
      • clearTimestamp

        public void clearTimestamp()
      • setTimestamp

        public void setTimestamp​(Long timestamp)
      • getEventIdentifier

        public String getEventIdentifier()
      • setEventIdentifier

        public void setEventIdentifier​(String eventIdentifier)
      • getSessionIdentifier

        public String getSessionIdentifier()
      • setSessionIdentifier

        public void setSessionIdentifier​(String sessionIdentifier)
      • getRequestIdentifier

        public String getRequestIdentifier()
      • setRequestIdentifier

        public void setRequestIdentifier​(String requestIdentifier)
      • getTaskIdentifier

        public String getTaskIdentifier()
      • setTaskIdentifier

        public void setTaskIdentifier​(String taskIdentifier)
      • getTaskOid

        public String getTaskOid()
      • setTaskOid

        public void setTaskOid​(String taskOid)
      • getHostIdentifier

        public String getHostIdentifier()
      • setHostIdentifier

        public void setHostIdentifier​(String hostIdentifier)
      • getNodeIdentifier

        public String getNodeIdentifier()
      • setNodeIdentifier

        public void setNodeIdentifier​(String nodeIdentifier)
      • getRemoteHostAddress

        public String getRemoteHostAddress()
      • setRemoteHostAddress

        public void setRemoteHostAddress​(String remoteHostAddress)
      • getInitiatorRef

        public PrismReferenceValue getInitiatorRef()
        Initiator is the (legal) entity on behalf of whom is the action executed. It is the subject of the operation. Authorizations of the initiator are used to evaluate access to the operation. This is the entity who is formally responsible for the operation. Although initiator is always a user in midPoint 3.7 and earlier, the initiator may be an organization in later midPoint versions.
      • setInitiatorRef

        public void setInitiatorRef​(PrismReferenceValue initiator)
        It is assumed the ref has oid, type and description set.
      • getAttorneyRef

        public PrismReferenceValue getAttorneyRef()
        Attorney is the (physical) user who have executed the action. This is the user that have logged-in to the user interface. This is the user that pressed the button to execute the action. This is always identity of a user and it will always be a user. It cannot be a company or any other virtual entity.
      • setAttorneyRef

        public void setAttorneyRef​(PrismReferenceValue attorneyRef)
        It is assumed the ref has oid, type and description set.
      • setTargetRef

        public void setTargetRef​(PrismReferenceValue target)
        It is assumed the ref has oid, type and description set.
      • setTargetOwnerRef

        public void setTargetOwnerRef​(PrismReferenceValue targetOwnerRef)
        It is assumed the ref has oid, type and description set.
      • setEventType

        public void setEventType​(AuditEventType eventType)
      • setEventStage

        public void setEventStage​(AuditEventStage eventStage)
      • getChannel

        public String getChannel()
      • setChannel

        public void setChannel​(String channel)
      • clearDeltas

        public void clearDeltas()
      • setResult

        public void setResult​(String result)
      • getResult

        public String getResult()
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
      • setMessage

        public void setMessage​(String message)
      • getParameter

        public String getParameter()
      • setParameter

        public void setParameter​(String parameter)
      • getRepoId

        public Long getRepoId()
      • setRepoId

        public void setRepoId​(Long repoId)
      • getPropertyValues

        public Set<String> getPropertyValues​(String name)
      • getCustomColumnProperty

        public Map<String,​String> getCustomColumnProperty()
      • getResourceOids

        public Set<String> getResourceOids()
      • setResourceOids

        public void setResourceOids​(Set<String> resourceOids)
      • addResourceOid

        public void addResourceOid​(String resourceOid)
      • addPropertyValue

        public void addPropertyValue​(String key,
                                     String value)
      • addPropertyValueIgnoreNull

        public void addPropertyValueIgnoreNull​(String key,
                                               Object value)
      • checkConsistence

        public void checkConsistence()
      • createAuditEventRecordType

        public AuditEventRecordType createAuditEventRecordType​(boolean tolerateInconsistencies)
      • getNonExistingReferencedObjects

        public @NotNull Set<String> getNonExistingReferencedObjects()
      • addNonExistingReferencedObject

        public void addNonExistingReferencedObject​(String oid)